Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day Green Parade

Today being May Day, it was a day off and there were parades.  There are about 300,000 people in Iceland of which about 200,000 live in Reykjavik.  When we first got down to the main drag where the parades were the motorcycles were going by.  I am pretty sure every motorcycle in Iceland was in the parade.  The rest of the people were watching them.  We went and had lunch after that.  When we got back, thousands of people were marching with green flags including I imagine some of the motorcyclists.  The rest of the people were watching them.  Anyway, the story is that a conservative coalition that was pro-business (afterall, Iceland is still recoverying from the bankrupty in 2008 when the entire country turned themselves into one big hedge fund) got elected into parliament (Iceland has the oldest parliament in the world) and the green flag people are concerned about the potential impact of bringing in what I believe is an aluminum smelter based on cheap power from hydro-electric.  These people would make good citizens in Seattle.

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